A payday loan Ferrari from Sir Scarface


Andrew asks

What are ideas of small things I can put in the claw machine?

My answer

“It’s funded by a payday loan! At least the bloke I got the loan from told me it was a payday loan. His underlings were calling him Sir Scarface as they tortured the mayor. I had to use your manor as collateral. At least I told him it was a manor. The first payment is due in … er, six minutes. Oh look, here come twenty thousand henchfemales to personally drag your shitty little shack to their boneyard. They’d been expecting a manor, and boy, don’t they look pissed! They fume at your Deception. They’ll have Unkind Words for its owner! Former owner, more like. Now it belongs to Sir Scarface. Also I can’t in good conscience date an adult so financially destitute and/or irresponsible, byeee!”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/393804108644865/?m...



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Mikey Clarke

Hi there! My snippets and postings here are either zeroth drafts from my larger novels, or web-app tutorials and other computery codey musings.